SEFAR® VISION makes ordinary laminated glass something truly extraordinary. It gives glass visual depth and a soft textile appearance. It allows one side of glass to brilliantly reflect colors under sunlight while the reverse side remains highly transparent.

When used in window and glass curtainwall applications, SEFAR VISION creates a remarkable signature aesthetic, significantly reduces a building’s solar heat gain, and often eliminates the need for additional interior and exterior shading systems.


A Beautiful and Functional Fusion of Fabric, Metal, and Glass

Award winning SEFAR VISION starts as a precision woven black polyester fabric substrate. This fabric is coated (usually on just one side) with an extremely thin layer of metal – just 60-180 nanometers. To put that into perspective, the average diameter of a human hair is roughly 667 times thicker. Finally, the metal coated fabric is encased between two layers of glass, where it remains protected for life.*

* SEFAR VISION should only be used as a glass interlayer. Contact SEFAR for qualified fabricators of SEFAR VISION glass.

Metal-coated fabric permanently laminated between glass

Brilliant Energy Performance

Under sunlight metal is both brilliant and functional. SEFAR VISION is coated with metal to capture both benefits. Available in your choice of Aluminum, Copper, and Gold, SEFAR VISION provides a range of looks and ability to reflect solar energy away from a building. The metal you chose in combination with the specified thickness (140 or 260 microns), aperture (from 25% to 55% open area) of the fabric substrate, and glass makeup (with Low-E coatings, for example) determines the Solar Heart Gain Coefficient. SEFAR VISION-equipped glass has achieved a tested SHGC as low as .18.

Aluminum-coated SEFAR VISION, Copper-coated SEFAR VISION, SEFAR VISION is easily used in curved applications

Unlimited Exterior Looks with Zero Interior Read-Through

Stretching design possibilities still further, SEFAR VISION is also printable. SEFAR also offers stunning full-color digital printing onto the Aluminum-coated surface of VISION fabric using UV-stable inks. Unlike printing directly onto glass, with printed VISION there is no read through of printed imagery to the uncoated and unprinted interior-facing side. This also means that the color quality of light entering the building remains unchanged.

Full-color high definition printing using UV-stable inks elevates SEFAR VISION to new heights of creative expression

Zero Maintenance and No Special Structural Considerations Required

Interior mechanical shades are costly, take a beating from building occupants, and require regular cleaning and maintenance. And exterior sunshades, fins, or louvers can present significant structural challenges. Not so with SEFAR VISION. The remarkable interlayer lasts forever safely encased in glass. Standard window washing is all that's required to keep VISION looking its best.

More Affordable Than You Might Imagine

The premium paid for SEFAR VISION provides a quick return to owners through reduced cooling requirements and the elimination of add on shading systems that are no longer required for reducing glare or keeping a building cooler.

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